About Javonet

Javonet enables software developers to instantly integrate several programming languages. Javonet is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems as a downloadable package for supported programming languages. This article describes how to use Javonet in selected technology and install prerequisites.

Getting started

Getting started for .NET developers

Getting started for Java developers

Getting started for Perl developers

Getting started for Python developers

Getting started for Ruby developers

Getting started for Nodejs developers

Getting started for C++ developers++

Getting started for Golang developers

Install prerequisites

To use Javonet to call library/package/module which was designed for another technology, runtime of this technology has to be installed. List below present prerequisites to be installed:

.NET Framework DLL Library

.Net Framework 4.7.2 Runtime or higher

.NET Core DLL Library

.Net Core 3.1 x64 Runtime or higher

Jar Library: JRE 1.8 or JDK 1.8.

For example OpenJDK or Oracle

Python Package

Python 3.11

Ruby Package

Ruby 2.7

Perl Package

On Windows Strawberry Perl 5.32. On Linux and MacOS use Perl 5.30 or higher

Node.js package:

Node.js 18.16 or higher