Javonet is available in 4 different plans -
each of them satisfies the needs of different users


Academic &
research projects


* ok, we ask for university & project summary

  • Classes - Unlimited
  • Calls - Unlimited
  • Access to updates
    & bug fixes
  • Support via Email
    or Stackoverflow

Small integration


per machine per month/ billed monthly

  • Classes - 10
  • Calls - Unlimited!
  • Access to updates
    & bug fixes
  • Support via Email,

Enterprise & OEM projects
with 70+ machines

from $990

per project per month/ billed annually
*adjustable to the size of the integration

  • Machines - Unlimited!
  • Classes - Unlimited!
  • Calls - Unlimited!
  • Rights to distribute Javonet based solution to external customers (Enterprise license covers unlimited number of end-user machines)
  • Access to updates
    & bug fixes
  • Option to request source code escrow
  • Support via Email
    or Stackoverflow,
    Online Meetings or Phone
  • 24/7 Support
    for critical issues
  • On demand development services
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Javonet solution is adjustable to the size of your integration!
Contact us to compare your development cost with Javonet cost.

All plans support
All plans are available in options
Any Windows OS
Java to .NET
.NET to Java