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Javonet allows you to reference and use modules or packages written in (Java/Kotlin/Groovy/Clojure, C#/VB.NET, Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript) like they were created in your technology. It works on Linux/Windows and MacOS for applications created in JVM, CLR/Netcore, Perl, Python, Ruby, NodeJS, C++ or GoLang and gives you unparalleled freedom and flexibility with native performance in building your mixed-technologies products. Let it be accessing best AI or cryptography libraries, devices SDKs, legacy client modules, internal custom packages or anything from public repositories available on NPM, Nuget, PyPI, Maven/Gradle, RubyGems or GitHub. Get free from programming languages barriers today!

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It’s easy

Javonet is an extremely user-friendly software solution that is both intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to get started quickly without any specific technical knowledge or training.
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It’s fast

Javonet boats a remarkable speed advantage over traditional Web Services, providing an impressive up to 20 000x faster performance. In fact, Javonet is faster than any other existing interoperability technology available on the market. This advantage makes Javonet an excellent choice for applications where speed and performance are critical factors. Even in in-process or remote integrations as alternative to Web Services.

300 k calls in 0.1 second
300 k calls in 0.2 second
300 k calls in 20 seconds
Web service

It’s secure

Our software solution ensures the highest level of security by running entirely within the local machine in single OS process or remotely in cloud environment, containers or PaaS services.

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It's beneficial

Discover the advantages at every step of the process.



Javonet is an excellent tool for businesses looking to accelerate their integration projects' time-to-market. With Javonet, vendors of both UI and back-end components can quickly offer their existing programming language products to companies based on different technologies. This process takes only a few days instead of the typical months or years required for developing new products from scratch.

Simply move between environments and deliver

For vendors of devices, Javonet provides the ability to wrap and expose their SDKs and APIs as native programming language components. This enables immediate access to new markets, making it easier to expand their business and reach new customers. With Javonet, businesses can quickly and efficiently integrate their products into a variety of environments, saving valuable time and resources.



Javonet can help businesses reduce the need for specialized support during maintenance periods.

Since Javonet does not require custom coding of integration pieces, there is no need to maintain and keep other teams on alert. This means that only specialists of your chosen technology are needed during maintenance periods, reducing the need for additional support and streamlining the maintenance process.


Javonet can help make your users happier by providing a seamless integration experience.

With Javonet, there is no need for extra configuration or support requests related to integration with external modules. The simple single package delivery and proven reliable connection by design reduce the risk of runtime errors or issues, resulting in a more stable and reliable integration process.


With Javonet, making changes to external modules or upgrading them to newer versions is much easier, thanks to the absence of extra middle-layers. This means that businesses have a single point of change, and only on one side, simplifying the process and reducing the risk of potential errors or issues.



Javonet can significantly reduce costs for businesses. Our customers have reported savings of more than 1 million USD on a single critical project by using modules directly, without the need for additional development, testing, and documentation efforts.

By streamlining the integration process and eliminating the need for multiple teams and specialized expertise, Javonet helps businesses save valuable time and resources. This, in turn, translates to significant cost savings without compromising on quality or performance. This allows companies to invest in other areas of their operations and achieve their business goals more efficiently.


Javonet can help businesses reduce risk by simplifying the integration process. By having fewer pieces in the project, the number of potential risks is dramatically reduced.



Javonet eliminates the need for additional deployment artifacts such as web services, application servers, native wrappers, or extra configuration. With Javonet, only the main application is combined into a single package, streamlining the deployment process and reducing the complexity of integration projects.


Javonet makes it easy to move between different environments and deliver integrated external technology modules as part of the main application.

By embedding all modules as part of the main application, Javonet eliminates the need to worry about additional dependencies or complex deployment instructions. This makes it simple to move the solution from development to test and production environments, ensuring a smooth and reliable integration process.



By using Javonet, companies can avoid the common problem of resource constraints. Javonet eliminates the need for companies to make any changes to their existing technologies or build additional connectors, reducing the workload and complexity of integration projects.

This also means that companies do not need to hire a variety of specialists, who may be difficult to access within short time frames. With Javonet, businesses can streamline their integration process, freeing up resources to focus on other important areas of their operations.


Javonet enables companies to utilize a single team for integration projects. Even if a company or project only has a team with experience in a single programming language technology, Javonet can be used to implement the entire integration process.

It’s reliable

Javonet is the ideal solution for your integration needs, regardless of the size and complexity of your project. Whether you are working on a large-scale enterprise project or a small-scale application, Javonet provides a reliable and secure solution for enabling seamless interoperability between different programming languages, simplifying the integration process.

Javonet’s clear, concise documentation led to a quick, easy integration and immediate success for my project.
Elliot Mount
Gladstone Institutes UCSF
Javonet has turned out to everything it promised and more - allowing us to automate quickly and free up staff to be more productive.
Gordon Smart (General Manager)
Javonet works great with a very easy and quick integration into our product. Easy configuration and a powerful and flexible interface from our java code to a C# lib. Also, the support works really quickly with fast and informative answers.
David Ring (Software Engineer)
Arccore AB
I would recommend Javonet for any solution requiring bridge between .NET and Java and I would like to especially emphasize the great support team which was really efficient and reactive.
Nick Tankard (Information Systems Manager)
Intermodal Tank Transport
Javonet was the only tool on the market that was found to be working for us. Javonet was easy to setup, well documented and saved us a lot of development time.
Michael Elias (Software Engineer)
Javonet has a very high performance and is easy to use. This is definitely a great product which helped us a lot.
Roberto Noriega (Project leader)
Stratus Technologies
I enjoyed my time using Javonet and I can say it’s a great product.
Robert Ford (Software Engineer)
Using Javonet we could easily access and interact with the .NET library from Java and as a result successfully develop a great demonstration application.
Patrick Schmider

It’s for every industry

Javonet is a versatile software integration technology that can be used in all industries worldwide. Javonet has become a trusted solution for businesses of all sizes.

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Information Technology (IT)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Academic
  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Food & Beverages
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology Oil & Gas

It’s profitable

Creating software that works in multiple technologies can significantly increase your target market and profitability. With Javonet, you can create software that seamlessly integrates different modules from different programming languages without any changes to the existing code. This opens opportunities to reach new customers across different platforms and technologies.

By leveraging Javonet's powerful software integration technology, you can expand your target market up to seven times, enabling you to reach a broader audience and increase your profitability.

It’s seamless

Curious how it works? Try it out .

Your JavaScript code

const { Javonet } = require('javonet-nodejs-sdk/lib/sdk/Javonet')

let resourcesDirectory = '.'

// use Activate only once in your app

// create called runtime context
let calledRuntime = Javonet.inMemory().python()

// set up variables
const libraryPath = resourcesDirectory
const className = "TestClass.TestClass"

// load custom library

// get type from the runtime
let calledRuntimeType = calledRuntime.getType(className).execute()

// invoke type's static method
let response = calledRuntimeType.invokeStaticMethod("multiply_by_two", 25).execute()

// get value from response
let result = response.getValue()

// write result to console

Python package source code

class TestClass:
    def __init__(self, public_value, private_value):
        self.public_value = public_value
        self.private_value = private_value

    def multiply_by_two(a):
    	return 2 * a
    def multiply_two_numbers(self, a, b):
    	return a * b


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