Javonet - Java to .NET Bridge, C#, VB.NET

Talk between Java and .NET easily!

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There are a lot of great things in Java and .NET that can be used on the other side

Our software helps companies access all of them with guaranteed performance, reliability and flexibility building real cross-technology web, desktop or server applications.

Why Javonet is better than other
alternative approaches?

Javonet is 1000x faster than Web Services and much faster
than any other interoperability technology.
Native 0,999 sec
Javonet 1,000 sec
Web Service 821,000 sec
  • 50k calls
  • 100k calls
  • 150k calls
  • 200k calls
  • 250k calls

Javonet demands significantly less effort than any other solution allowing you to deliver the project on time

Web Service
Custom Native Wrapper
Rewritting .NET to Java
  • Java Effort
  • .NET Effort
  • Testing Effort
  • C++ Effort
  • Documentation
  • Deployment Effort

How can that be possible?

1 : 1,2

Because with Javonet effort required to invoke .NET method
is almost equal to regular Java method call

There are many more business and development benefits
on each stage of development process
that make Javonet shine

Lowers maintainance costs

Less deployment artifacts means less items to maintain, monitor or bugfix and simpler change

Reduces cost & risk

With Javonet there is no need to rewrite .NET code or to implement custom unified interfaces

Easy to use

Javonet is a single file solution and that is great

Simplifies project resources

Java team can use any .NET module without support of other teams

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Curious how it Works?

Development with Javonet is extremely intuitive! Test that seamless experience now!

Over 1200 companies and 12 reputable universities
use Javonet

Javonet allows for impossible