Javonet Case Studies

Case Study ARCCORE Arctic Studio

ARCCORE is a leading provider of state-of-art products and services for the embedded systems market.
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Case Study Loopz.io

Loopz.io is a company providing the mobile payments and plastic gift cards solutions for businesses or events.
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Case Study Stratus Technologies

Stratus is the IT company that takes the complexity out of implementing and maintaining business critical applications running 24/7.
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Case Study Intermodal Tank

Intermodal Tank Transport is market leader in tank container logistics and transportation.
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Food & Beverages

Case Study Kauri

Kauri is supplying innovative winemaking products to winemakers throughout Australia and New Zealand.
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Case Study Gladstone UCSF

Gladstone Institutes UCSF – Case Study   Gladstone Institutes is an independent and nonprofit biomedical research organization whose focus is to better understand, prevent, treat and cure cardiovascular, viral and neurological conditions such as heart failure, HIV/AIDS and Alzheimer’s disease.
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Case Study Smart Coders Case Study

Smart Coders is a Polish software house company that accomplished different projects for the companies coming from all over the world. One of the challenges they faced in their work was the need for reliable and efficient integration between Java
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