Kauri – Case Study

Kauri is supplying innovative winemaking products to winemakers throughout Australia and New Zealand. Innovative Products from Quality Suppliers, combined with excellence in Logistics, Customer Service and Technical Support are all key features of their offering to the wine and wider beverage industry.

Kauri has faced the interoperability issue while building their purchase process that included the e-commerce website and the integration with internal systems from GoldMine that handle the finance and customer base.The ordering system task was to correctly process the business-critical complicated orders that would include different discount levels and properly operate in the international environment of the business.

The implementation of Javonet allowed Kauri to integrate successfully and with the highest performance the Web Portal with Financial system and GoldMine CRM.This allowed for the synchronization of all the stand-alone systems which were previously operating separately. The native integration between Java and .NET allowed as well for the full automatization of the previously manual processes.

Thanks to our solution the system has also been updated with new functionalities which were not achievable with alternative approaches (i.e. direct queries or implementing the solutions in other programming languages).

All the alternative approaches proved to be either more expensive or not well supported.

The big advantage of Javonet with the purchased license type was the possibility to utilize it in customers’ other projects as well.

“Implementing Javonet has easily halved the time it took to process our annual vintage orders and freed up staff time to concentrate on up-selling!”

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