Using devDept .NET WinForms Eyeshot CAD UI Components in Java AWT

This sample shows how to use .NET WinForms CAD rendering UI components from devDept Eyeshot package in Java AWT desktop application. Read more about using any third-party back-end and UI components in Java here.

Eyeshot Ultimate 10

Eyeshot is a CAD control based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. It allows developers to add CAD functionalities to WinForms and WPF applications in a snap. Eyeshot provides tools for building geometry from scratch, for analyzing it with finite element method and to generate toolpaths on it. Geometry can also be imported or exported using CAD exchange file formats. Now you can access all the benefits of this great package in your Java AWT, Swing and JavaFX applications.

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Before running this sample please register and download the Eyeshot Professional Trial package:


Download Sample Project

Use the links below to download full source code and binaries of the sample project or check our github repository:

Download Eclipse Project Archive
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