Another good year for Javonet solution!


The past year 2018 can be proudly announced as the another good gear for Javonet technology. We have reported the 40% growth another year in a row of the Javonet income. The solution has gained new interesting customers along with new use cases and fascinating projects where the native integration based on the runtime bridging concept has allowed the project teams to achieve and accomplish what seemed to be impossible.

In October 2018 we have introduced Javonet to the Oracle Code One conference attendees and we have received the phenomenal feedback from all of the visitors that stopped at our booth. There were many words of admiration and support with the declared interest of implementing Javonet from the big companies representing many different industries and locations.

At the same time we have introduced the to help all the developers and project teams to achieve their goals even quicker and easier with Javonet. The cloud based service allows for the instant and quick conversion of any .NET dll to working java jar package which fully wrapps the functionality of the given .NET library. This means that the resulting jar file can be immediately used in any project in exactly the same way the .NET dll would be used. The same classes names, methods and with the same way of using them.

We are grateful to the biggest companies in the world for choosing Javonet for their most crucial projects as well as the small businesses that have trusted our technology.

This product is created for the biggest, medium or small businesses and can adjust to any project size. We have designed the pricing of Javonet in a way that makes it available to many different scenarios.

Our mission is to make the different programming languages talk to each other seamlessly in a robust, bulletproof way. That is why we do not stop yet and we work constantly to develop the solutions that will allow for mixing different programming technologies even easier and quicker.

Javonet Team