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  • Date: 2015/04/20
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It is a fact that if you want your source code to be easily accessible and popular in developers’ society, you are in need of a GitHub account. That is why, with great pleasure and delight, we present to you JavOnet official repository on Github.

What may you find there? As for now, we have created our first open repository with samples and tutorials, concerning the usage of .NET in Java through Javonet. Obviously, we will not stop adding new tutorials to our tutorials section  on the JavOnet website – you can find detailed description of each project there. But, starting from now, for each of them you will also get the link to the full source code on GitHub.

We are aware that GitHub is a number-one git repository and we have decided to meet the needs of our users by making JavOnet more available. Providing our samples on GitHub has many advantages. First of all, you do not need to use any kind of IDE in order to preview source codes, as you can explore them right in your browser. Secondly, now you are able to easily clone a particular sample or an entire repository with tutorials to your local machine, using your favorite git client or IDE. Lastly, you may feel free to fork our projects to your GitHub account and continue tests and development on your own branch. While doing that, don’t forget to add our repository to your watchlist, so we can update you on the latest changes and new great projects, presenting the possible usage of .Net in Java.

As for now, you can take a look at three tutorials:

  • Using WPF interface to build a Java application.
  • Building Java application with WinForms interface; JavOnet allows you to do so through extension of “Form” class.
  • How to use a .NET library in Java.

Additionally, we are open to your ideas! You are welcome to join our repository and contribute by suggesting improvements to our source codes or simply by sending us your own great examples of how to use C# or VB.NET libraries in Java. If it appeals to us, we promise to publish it on our webpage.

However, bear in mind that the featured examples do not include Javonet.jar library, so before using any, you may need to download the newest library from our webpage    and run it by providing your own trial key.

All the examples are accessible through Apache 2.0 licence.

We look forward to your contribution!