Javonet Becomes Popular Among the Developers, Companies and Commercial Products

  • Date: 2014/11/19
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Increasing Interest

We are happy to report the increasing interest and implementation rate of Javonet solution. Javonet is supporting the developers all over the world, who create solutions that require them to utilize .NET dll’s from the Java code. Javonet has already proved its ease of use and high reliability in the projects for finance, transportation, smart grids, workflows and data integration systems.

Use .NET in Java Workflow

Recently Javonet has been successfully integrated by the I AM JAVELIN developers within advanced and powerful I AM FUSION B2B data integration platform, giving the workflows possibility to integrate with .NET based systems for supporting accounting, financial departments, invoicing, orders and many more… This solution proves high reliability and flexibility of Javonet as well as extensibility of I AM FUSION product exposing wide range of new possibilities for all JAVELIN customers.

Not only is Javonet being implemented in custom in-house solutions but in most scenarios it becomes the part of incredible customer products that are distributed to thousands of end-users. It supports either Desktop and Server solutions seamlessly integrating with the software solutions produced by our Customers.

Continuous Improvement

Thanks to the needs and ideas that are being reported by the developers working with Javonet solution we can constantly increase its functionality and flexibility to the highest levels.

Increasing number of Trial downloads

We are also glad to observe the high downloads rate of the Trial Version of Javonet and at the same time we would like to encourage all the developers interested in Javonet solution to verify it against their interoperability issue.