Javonet in Automotive Industry


Rapidly developing automotive industry requires the most innovative solutions in order to follow the trends in car manufacturing field. The switch to renewable energy sources and the significant advancement in cars’ safety and driving electronics demand the most reliable and performant technologies to support the customers’ expectations and needs.

This is why Javonet is the technology that has been selected among other approaches as the most efficient and robust in numerous projects accomplished in automotive industry.

Different companies in car manufacturing have implemented Javonet in the following way:

  • Javonet has been implemented in the Arccore ECU programming tools suite supporting successfully the integration between Java and .NET allowing for usage of any .NET libraries directly from Java with the native performance and speed. It supports the custom plugin of dedicated IDE for ECUs based on Eclipse framework.
  • Our technology proves its efficiency in the communication between Java based software and .NET based APIs of robotic arms that are the part of the building process of the most innovative vehicles in the world. In this scenario the robotic arms which are based on Java or .NET can be communicated without any code modifications directly from the application developed in other language. The whole process is as easy as referencing the proper library just as if it would be done natively.
  • Apart from the integration of external devices SKDs, APIs and Drivers or the machinery interfaces with the software based on opposite technology, Javonet is also implemented in the integration of software modules or front-end and back-end controls. In this scenario any component or control that has been developed in one programming language can be easily used in the software based on different programming language (i.e. with Javonet the Java user control like reporting control or charting control can be used in .NET application). Worth noticing is the fact that the mentioned control does not need any modification in it’s code base and also the full functionality and performance of the control is guaranteed. The good examples of such implementations are consumer software or the machinery HMIs.

Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology vendor between C++/COM, .NET and Java. Many customers within different sector industries use and trust Javonet technology especially to integrate their .NET or C++/COM systems with other Java based modules like libraries with computation algorithms, libraries to import/export or process data, share UI controls, expose SDKs, drivers or just integrate preserving highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability, security and seamless experience for Java developers.