Javonet in Banking and Financial Industry


Javonet is the worldwide leading integration technology between C++/COM/C# .NET and Java. It is used and appreciated by many companies from different industries from all over the world. Many customers within different sector industries trust and use our software solution especially the banking industry.

Let’s have a look at this and see how exactly Javonet technology can support and improve customers from Banking industry where performance and security are critical factors.

Among other industries the banking industry benefits from Javonet implementation in many different areas. Let’s look at some of them and see how exactly our technology can support and improve Banking and Finance area:


First of all Javonet allows for the reliable, fast and secure integration between the two major technologies – Java and .NET. It has been already implemented in some solutions that allow for communication between the ATMS .NET based SDKs and Java user solutions.

The .NET functionality can be easily utilized directly from Java with the provided .NET dlls without any code modification. Thus the bank’s development teams easily call any functions of the ATM from the Java applications exposed to the users and provide the highest quality service for the customers without any performance comprises.

Some of our customers use Javonet to connect ATM systems with temperature sensors or cash processing devices.


The trading systems require the fully secure and extremely fast communication. The trading systems usually consist of the back-end part which is responsible for all the transactional activities and communication with external systems that allows, from the technical perspective, for execution of the transactions and the front-end part which is the interface that the customers use to accomplish their trading goals and operations.

Many times, these parts come from different technology stacks. This might be caused by the performance requirements, better alignment of different technologies for different goals, legacy solutions or be forced by external vendors’ systems that need to be communicated.

Javonet blurs the technology barriers and allows the trading platforms to provide the highest quality trading experience to the users thanks to the native integration between i.e. Java back-end system and the .NET front-end solutions that are exposed to the users.

The real time data processing can be achieved thanks to the native performance that allows for up to 250 000 calls per second. This means that there is almost no overhead compared to calling the methods within the same technology (here we mean calling Java package methods from Java code).

For that reason, Javonet has been trusted as connection point between the trading algorithms and market execution APIs, brokers and dealers’ management panels and back-end modules as well as wrappers for existing COM, .NET or Java APIs of trading platforms like MetaTrader to expose them for other technologies.

Preserving single codebase while opening for mixed technologies, allows for significant cost savings especially in trading industry where existing solutions are very complex, highly optimized and difficult to duplicate or recreate for multiple platforms.

Credit cards payments

Javonet has been implemented in the mobile POS solutions which required the communication between the Java based sales platform system and the external payment processing devices (i.e. Anywherecommerce company) attached to the tablets.

The POS system needed to be able to operate the payment device (e.g. to send the data from the device to the system) with the native performance for quick and uninterrupted payment processing. All those requirements were successfully fulfilled thanks to Javonet. Javonet security comes from the fact that native integration is accomplished within single process where the Java and .NET runtimes are loaded, and data is exchanged making it unbeatably safe. You can read more regarding integrations to Anywherecommerce physical credit card readers from Java in Stratus case study.

Accessing the legacy systems

Javonet can leverage the outcomes of any integration where the legacy systems data needs to be accessed and exposed externally.

Our technology has been implemented in the solutions that allowed for exposing specific data previously retrieved from the legacy midrange IBM AS/400 server systems. Java based banking systems thanks to Javonet easily integrated with the .NET and COM based APIs to query the data instantly with native performance. Javonet allows for the much more secure and fast communication than any other integration solution.

Calling a method 250 000 times with Javonet is almost equal to the native call whereas web service requires over 1000 times more time to perform this task.

Bank IVR system

This would be very hard to imagine these days a banking customer service without good IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system that allows the customers to communicate with the bank call center quickly and perform many everyday operations like authorization, transfers etc.

It is inevitable that in the extensive banking systems that work for any of the banking institution apply different technologies. This includes the IVRs which have to communicate and exchange the data with existing back-end solutions that represent the different technologies. Some best in class speech recognition algorithms and APIs are implemented in Java, therefore natural needs arise to communicate them with .NET based banking systems.

Javonet was trusted and utilized by of the biggest US banking institution to connect the robust IVR systems that can reliably and quickly pass the information coming from the customers to the appropriate modules for further processing. In most of the scenarios Javonet was the only secure solution that allowed for using the external libraries with native performance which is impossible with any alternative integration solution like i.e. web services.