Javonet has NO Impact On Business Continuity of Final Solution!


In this post let’s focus on the scenario where Javonet is used for the end-customer products or internal systems used by many different end-users.

To remind Javonet is licensed in a Component-As-Service model (which means that it is bound to the lifecycle of the custom product or project and allows us to provide the best support to our customers. Customer benefits also from distribution Rights).

However we understand that the business continuity of the custom product is the key point for any customers delivering their product and Javonet is perfectly covering this critical expectation.

In fact Javonet usage becomes exactly the same as any custom/own solution. Javonet’s Build Time Activation model ensures that the ready application will never stop working and works infinitely as Javonet resides entirely inside custom code and is fully under customer control removing any third party component dependency.

Lets go into the details and see how it is achieved.

We developed the Build Time Activation which assumes that the Javonet license is verified while building the code which uses Javonet. When shipped to the end-users the license is never verified again.

This way Javonet license will never have any impact on the way the Javonet component works in the production environment or the end-user application.

Therefore Javonet is the reliable and cost effective bridging tool perfectly designed to the customers’ technical and business continuity expectations. It is an easy to use solution targeted to any integration project between .NET and Java providing high performance within single OS process for highest security.