Many companies implement Javonet as the critical component.


Javonet is today the leading technology in the field of integrating .NET C# or C++/COM with Java natively. The Javonet’s popularity among the biggest companies in the world comes from the highest reliability of the solution, the highest performance and efficiency. By the reliability of the integration technology we understand mainly the stability of the integration and encapsulation within the single OS process. Javonet users do not need to worry about the availability of the Javonet regardless of the size and type of the implementation. Starting with the critical UI component developed in one technology (i.e. .NET) and embedded in the other (Java) through the back-end libraries operating on the most critical data or responsible for the customer service continuity to the communication with the external devices which drivers or SDKs where created with the other technology and play the major roles in the production processes or healthcare.

The highest performance of the Javonet means no compromise when it comes to the speed of the solution. Not only is the Javonet technology the quickest possible way of integrating Java and .NET, where the Web Services cannot provide the required performance but also the fact that Javonet requires no configuration or modifications of the existing libraries that will be integrated. Our technology can be very quickly implemented in any PoC. To support this advantage that Javonet technology has over other ways of coping with the integration of Java and .NET we present below the comparison chart that places Javonet among the alternatives.

Javonet efficiency is very clear as the usage of our technology brings lot of savings in the field of the human resources. This is caused by the fact that implementation of Javonet requires the technical skills only within the main “calling” application technology. On the counterpart the alternative integration solutions would require the teams that include the specialist from both technologies and middleware like native C++, server administration etc. The cost efficiency is incomparable to any alternative. Javonet licensing is based on the Component-as-a-Service model which allows for scaling it up or down along with the project development. The yearly cost falls way below the cost of a single middle class developer. There has been savings reaching 1M USD achieved in the projects where Javonet has been implemented.

Each of the Javonet license comes with the highest quality support where our development teams work together with the customers’ developers to approach any issues or doubts there might be. The support offered by Javonet receives very good feedback from the biggest companies from all over the world for its reactivity and involvement in any case that the customers report.

All the above make Javonet the perfect match for the most critical implementations. Javonet is mainly utilized by the top companies all over the world which operate worldwide in different industries (automotive, healthcare, defense, robotics, oil and gas etc.). These kind of business activities rely on proved solutions where there is no risk of any service stoppage. The biggest companies in the world implement only most reliable and credible solutions and Javonet is designed to satisfy this kind of requirements. The excessive testing of the product, constant development and improvement as well as following the technologies’ updates allow us to provide the best in class technology that delivers the unprecedented quality. Javonet is designed to be the solution that never fails. This can be achieved not only by the perfectly developed integration component, but also by the very reactive and quick support and possible solution updates whenever the scenario requires it.