MINOR UPDATE: Javonet 1.4hf25 Released


We are happy to announce that the new Javonet 1.4hf25 has been released and is available for download.

With each release we strive to make Javonet better, faster and easier to use in your day to day development tasks. We closely listen to all your suggestions and without your support we wouldn’t be able to create so great product.

Here are some key changes introduced in this release:

– Added support for hardware USB dongles to allow easy transition of Javonet enabled software and Javonet licenses between different machines or during machine upgrade.
– Added support for multi-machine license file to allow using single offline pre-activated license file on multiple machines or across multiple hardware USB dongles.
– Added possibility to add reference to .NET DLL files using byte arrays instead of local path or GAC name.
With this update we have introduced minor improvements focusing on activation and licensing usability as well as flexiblity of adding references to .NET dlls.

Starting with Javonet 1.4hf25 it is now possible to bind the license to hardware USB key instead of machine hardware ID. Therefore it becomes extremely easy and convienient to transition the Javonet enabled software between different machines and during hardware upgrades.

Moreover we made it possible generate multi-id license files so you can use single javonet.lic file across multiple machines or usb dongles. The license file contains multiple approved hardware IDs and if local USB dongle or machine IDs exists on the list the Javonet will activate. It makes becomes very useful in big offline deployments.

To push the deployments benefits even further we made also possible to add reference to .NET DLLs using byte arrays. Now instead of providing file path or DLL GAC name you can pass the byte array as argument to addReference method. The .NET DLL can be embedded to the JAR file makes it completely invisible to the end-user that .NET module exists and is being loaded.