MINOR UPDATE: Javonet 1.4hf34 Released


We are happy to announce that the new Javonet 1.4hf234 has been released and is available for download.

In this release we have put our efforts to increased the capabilities of Javonet for handling .NET arrays both in retrieving as method results, passing as arguments and retrieving through out argument. Additionally we increased the performance of get/set fields and indexed fields. We have also applied small improvement to NControlContainer as interest and use cases of using .NET UI controls in Java are getting more popular. We hope you enjoy the new release.

Here are some key changes introduced in this release:

  • Added support to retrieve mixed arrays of value and complex types as method result.
  • Added revalidate method on NControlContainer to refresh the .NET user control layout after programatical change in Java layout.
  • Added support to retrieve value type arrays populate within the .NET method with “out” argument.
  • Increased performance of get/set properties by implementing hard-wired pointers to .NET side.
  • Added caching on indexed fields operations to increased performance.
  • We recommend updating the Javonet JAR reference in your projects to latest Javonet release.

    New version can be obtained from our download section:

    More details about version history you can find at:

    With each release we strive to make Javonet better, faster and easier to use in your day to day development tasks. We closely listen to all your suggestions and without your support we wouldn’t be able to create so great product.