Reduce the cost, resources and risk in your Java and .NET integration projects!


Javonet is a worldwide leading native integration technology between Java and .NET that allows for seamless integration of these platforms in both directions. This means that the .NET code can access any Java based external devices drivers or SDKs, back-end components or UI Controls etc. as if they were the native Java packages. The same is possible the other direction which means calling any .NET libraries from Java code.

Apart from the certain technological benefits which include:

  • Seamless Java and .NET integration with native performance
  • Almost no time overhead in calling the methods from opposite technology (up to 250 000 calls per second)
  • Performance 1000x higher than webservices
  • In-process communication guaranteeing highest reliability and security

Javonet provides the business savings in any project that it is implemented in. Javonet has been used and evaluated in real live projects and advanced PoCs by over 1500 companies all over the world. This allowed for gathering the data from many different usage scenarios, many different developers and teams. The information that we have received points to particular reductions in costs, resources and risk in the projects that have been so far accomplished.

Below we present more deeply the concrete savings on the different fields:

Cost reduction – Javonet implementation shall be compared and benchmarked on cost basis in reference to custom development and maintenance of the integration solutions between Java and .NET. Our technology allows for significant cost saving due to the fact that the TCO of the implementation is just a fraction of the cost of development of the similar solution in-house and then maintaining it.

Practically thanks to our robust Component-as-a-Service model, there are no entry costs, and the recurring fee is scalable depending on the size of your integration. Pricing starts at 19 USD/month for smallest projects and grows maximum to approximate value of 0.5 FTE. This guarantees clear, manageable and easily predictable costs across entire lifecycle of your solution remaining always below the alternative maintenance costs.

Resources reduction – the implementation of any integration solutions that could be an alternative solution like web service or custom native wrappers will require the team of the developers with different skills (.NET, COM, Java etc.). The integration using Javonet will require (depending on the technology used) either just the .NET or Java developers.

It means that using Javonet you can simplify the resourcing of your project both during development and maintenance phase. Accessing the libraries from opposite technology requires only the skills of the calling side making it accessible for any team.

Risk reduction – Javonet limits the risk on different areas. First in terms of security and reliability during runtime. Working in a single process as well as the fact that there is no middle layer in the communication process between the two technologies (Java and .NET) it guarantees the highest safety as well as the fact that there is no middle layer in the communication process between the two technologies (Java and .NET). Therefore, there is fewer places where the bugs or issues could occur, no need for controlling the authorization and authentication and no risk of losing the connection.

Javonet always comes with the highest quality support which adds to the risk reduction of the implementation. All possible issues are solved by the external (in reference to your company) support team with great experience in Java and .NET integrations.

Secondly deciding for Javonet you can leverage the scale effect of experience coming from thousands of companies who tested, utilized and helped us improve Javonet. Therefore, there is no risk of project delays or budget overruns coming from unexpected challenges of implementing and maintaining alternative custom solutions.

The above advantages of Javonet are the reason why so many crucial projects all over the world are based on Javonet which is chosen by big companies from many different industries (oil and gas, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, banking etc.) as the most reliable integration technology available on the market.