Statistics Norway implemented Javonet to consume .NET events directly from Java code!


We proudly announce that the Statistics Norway a Norwegian statistics bureau placed under the Norwegian Ministry of Finance which, as the central Norwegian office for official government statistics, provides the public and government with extensive research and analysis activities.

The company employs about 1000 employees and it publishes 1000 new statistical releases every year. Statistics Norway required a robust solution to integrate Java and .NET which would guarantee the highest performance and reliability in order to accomplish the computer-assisted interviewing (CAI) related project.

The part of the project was the API of a Blaise system which is the market leading computer-assisted interviewing and survey processing tool for the Windows® operating system. It has been developed by Statistics Netherlands and designed for use in official statistics.

By implementing the native integration between Java and .NET technology it was possible to integrate the Blaise system and it’s .NET API with the external Java application in order to consume the .NET events raised by Blaise directly from Java code for the further processing on the Java side. It has been proven that this task would be impossible to accomplish with the achieved level of performance if it hasn’t been for Javonet. Our technology has successfully satisfied all of the requirements allowing for creating the efficient and proved part of the system. We are happy to welcome the representatives of the new statistics industry in our customers portfolio.