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We have implemented javOnet bridge to support our Transportation Management System. The solution not only has proved its high reliability and ease of use in a case of reusing business logic previously implemented in VB .NET, but it enabled us either to provide a highly efficient and powerful single platform solution to our clients. - 3GTMS

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  • Solves "use .NET from Java?" interoperability issues - Efficiently and reliably solves any Java and .net interoperability problem, where there is a need to call c# from Java.
  • Saves your time - javOnet is much easier to learn and use than any other java to .net bridge.
  • Saves a lot of your money - save your budget by choosing ready to use, quick, easy product with support and development included, instead of investing in additional resources for your project.
  • Opens up possibilities - impossible is now possible in several easy steps. javOnet gives you new integration possibilities that were not available before.
  • Reduces the amount of work - javOnet allows you to immediately pick and use any .NET logic in JAVA without the need to build any communication solution or rewriting the logic.
  • Brings more customers- open to new markets by integrating your solution with existing customers' systems.

SAMPLES - see it yourself!

How to use Random in .NET?
public GenerateRandomNumber()
        Random objRandom = new System.Random();
        int value = objRandom.Next(10,20);


How to use .NET Random via javOnet in JAVA?
public void GenerateRandomNumber() throws JavonetException
        NObject objRandom = Javonet.New("System.Random");
        int value = objRandom.invoke("Next",10,20);



We have made interoperability easy, quick and fun!

Focus on important issues forget about interop issues. Use anything from .NET in whatever you create in JAVA!

Want more sample codes? Check our samples section to see how we make JAVA application with WPF or WinForms, interface, how we inherit from .NET class or use Log4Net in JAVA!

You don't need to care about anything while javOnet will do it for you. Just call any part of the .NET code you need from java.  Just like native local methods with reflection semantics!

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Add javonet.jar reference to your project
Copy any .NET dll to your project or use any from GAC
and start using your code!

Read our quick start guide to learn how to create objects, call methods, get/set fields and properties,
handle exceptions, subscribe events and do a lot more.

javOnet was created by highly skilled and experienced .NET and Java developers to simplify common interoperability issues.

As we are just like you, everyday coders and sophisticated issues solvers, we had enough insight to create a solution fulfilling developers most desired requirements.

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What's cool about javOnet?

  1. High (Native) Performance
  2. Light 1-jar file solution
  3. Access any custom or framework .NET lib with no changes
  4. No proxies generation required
  5. Easy fluent reflection-style API
  6. No client-server or web services architecture required
  7. Supports any method, value types and reference types
  8. Cross-platform exception handling
  9. Built-in garbage collector propagation
  10. FREE fully functional 30-days trial
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javOnet API is really self-explaining, moreover fluent reflection-based semantic is self-suggesting new possibilites!

If you would like to find more depth details and utilize maximum possibilities of javOnet please check our full API docs.

Read API Documentation

Our aim was to create easy to use, instant tool that will not require long and hard to understand configuration. We know that you need to start your work immediately, that is why you can set up javOnet in less than 5 seconds (we have meassured that) :-)

Beginner or experienced developer?

Doesn't matter! All of us have been Beginners one day and we remember that! javOnet is easy to use for either beginners and advanced coders.


javOnet is a mechanism that bridges your JAVA application with .NET code.

.NET code is accessible from your JAVA application through our robust reflection-style fluent API delivered in javOnet JAR. Using our methods you can interact with any .NET object like using reflection.

Under the hood javOnet creates .NET process for your JAVA application and translates your operations on javOnet API directly to operations done in CLR .NET process.

javOnet covers full interprocess communication with native performance, creation and lifecycle management of .NET process and callback support for listening .NET events from JAVA.

Please check the diagram on the right to see how our solution works for you!

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Server Licence

  • for one server
  • free updates
  • e-mail support
  • supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • supports Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
Single payment - $1955
Anuual support - $395
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Developer Licence

  • e-mail support
  • free updates
  • scheduled trainings
  • livemeeting support
  • supports 32-bit and 64- bit platforms
  • supports Windows Server 2003/2008/2012
  • supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Single payment - $595
Annual support - $295
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Desktop Licence

  • includes 5 desktop machines
  • supports 32-bit and 64-bit platforms
  • e-mail support included
  • free updates
  • supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Single payment - $695
(5 workstations)
Annual support - $200
To distribute javOnet with your software product please contact us for price estimate.
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It's FREE for academic and non-commercial usage. To obtain free license please contact us and briefly describe your project.

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