Announcing Immopac Real Estate Investments Software Vendor From Switzerland a Javonet Customer


immopac® was founded in 2000, and since then has been dealing exclusively with the development and implementation of software solutions for the management of direct and indirect real estate investments, and valuation. Immopac developers and management have chosen Javonet solution

Javonet 1.4HF15 Release – Embedding .NET User Controls in Java Now Possible


The new Javonet 1.4 HF15 has arrived! This is truly a customer-driven release. This release brings some new features, enhancements and performance improvements while at the same time introducing a breaking new beta feature for embedding UI components. These changes

Adaptris picks Javonet for loading .NET libraries in Java

  • Date: 2015/08/10
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We are happy to announce that Adaptris development team has chosen Javonet for the integration task of loading .NET libraries in Java. Adaptris main focus is to simplify integration for thousands of businesses seeking efficiencies, especially in their supply chains. They