Success Story – Intermodal Tank Transport (ITT) use Javonet



2017-08-01 – Warsaw, PolandIntermodal Tank Transport (ITT) company founded in 1993 in Medellin, Colombia established as the leader in the ISO tank transport in Latin America has chosen Javonet native integration technology between .NET and Java to solve the interoperability issue between their internal Web based Java application and DocuWare document management platform to increase the productivity without resigning from currently utilized technologies.

Intermodal Tank is specialized in providing innovative supply chain solutions around the world through experienced staff with a dedication to safety, quality, efficiency, environmental and security management.

Integration of different internal systems and constant development of business automations is one of the key areas that increase the efficiency and competitive advantage of Intermodal Tank.

In efforts to integrate internal systems with world-leading critical documents management platform DocuWare Intermodal Tank faced a challenge to utilize DocuWare .NET based API (client library) with highest performance and security from internal web Java based application.

Nick Tankard who led the team implementing this project was responsible to research the possible technologies to use .NET API directly from Java application.

Implementing the application, the team was focused to simplify the deployment, make sure that all dependencies are loaded and utilized within the single process and provide as smooth and secure integration as possible.

The team researched two different approaches and Javonet turned out to be the easiest and fastest solution. Using the .NET library in Java application was almost as loading regular JAR package. Within few minutes it was possible to add reference to .NET dll and execute the methods to login and interact with DocuWare the team members said.

“I would recommend Javonet for any solution requiring bridge between .Net and Java and I would like to especially emphasize the great support team which was really efficient and reactive.” – mentioned Nick Tankard the team leader of that project.

Javonet solution proved to trigger very positive feedback of project managers due to risk reduction, decrease of time to market and cost effectiveness as well as from developers as cited – “The main advantage of Javonet is the time in which you get the solution running, the clean solution which you deliver and support team. Technical support was really efficient and reactive, we were really satisfied with the service provided!”

Javonet is today the worldwide leading native integration technology vendor between C++/COM, .NET and Java. Many customers within different sector industries use and trust Javonet technology especially to integrate their .NET or C++/COM systems with other Java based modules like libraries with computation algorithms, libraries to import/export or process data, share UI controls, expose SDKs, drivers or just integrate preserving highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability, security and seamless experience for Java developers.

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