Class NEventListener

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.javonet.api.NEventListener
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    public class NEventListener
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements INEventListener
    A class used for subscribing any .NET events.

    This class can be provided as argument to event subscribing method on instance of NObject class.

    When .NET event is raised all associated instances of NEventListener will be informed by calling
    eventOccured method with list of arguments passed by the event invocation.

    Receiving Events Arguments

    All arguments passed by event invocation are either converted to JAVA primitive types (String, Integer, Float)
    or passed as NObject instances for reference-type arguments.

    Subscribing Events

    Events can be subscribed by calling NObject.addEventListener(String, INEventListener) method.
    Event listener can be an instance of this class or any other class inheriting from NEventListener,
    class implementing INEventListener interface or anonymous class of NEventListener itself; for example

     button4.addEventListener("Click", new NEventListener() {
     	public void eventOccurred(Object[] arguments) {

    or by instance of class implementing INEventListener interface

     class MyEventListener implements INEventListener
     	public void eventOccurred(Object[] arguments)
     		//my custom event handling code
     button4.addEventListener("Click", new MyEventListener());

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      void eventOccurred(java.lang.Object[] arguments)

      Method triggered for each subscribed .NET event occurrence.

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      • NEventListener

        public NEventListener()

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      • eventOccurred

        public void eventOccurred(java.lang.Object[] arguments)
        Description copied from interface: INEventListener
        Method triggered for each subscribed .NET event occurrence.
        Specified by:
        eventOccurred in interface INEventListener
        arguments – Parameters passed during event invocation. These can be any JAVA primitive types (integer, string, float..) or instances of NObject class for reference-type arguments