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Class NUInt

  • java.lang.Object
    • com.javonet.api.types.NUInt

  • public class NUInt
    extends java.lang.Object
    A class that represents .NET System.UInt32 (uint) variable

    This class should be used when target method, field or property expects uint value.

    Because JAVA does not provide unsigned integral variables NUInt wrapping class should be used to instruct Javonet
    to convert particular JAVA Long value into UInt on .NET side.
    Notice that UInt value is beyond JAVA Integer range therefore JAVA Long variable is used.


    .NET method expecting uint argument.

      MethodA(uint arg1)

    Calling MethodA from JAVA:

     Long l = 1;
     obj.invoke("MethodA",new NUInt(l)); 

    • Constructor Summary

      Constructor and Description
      NUInt(java.lang.Long longValue)

      Creates new instance of NUInt class wrapping Long value provided as argument.

    • Method Summary

      All Methods Instance Methods Concrete Methods 
      Modifier and Type Method and Description
      java.lang.Long getLongValue()

      Returns wrapped Long value.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • NUInt

        public NUInt(java.lang.Long longValue)
        Creates new instance of NUInt class wrapping Long value provided as argument.

        This value will be converted on .NET side to uint.

        longValue – Long value to be wrapped and converted to uint on .NET side

    • Method Detail

      • getLongValue

        public java.lang.Long getLongValue()
        Returns wrapped Long value.
        Wrapped long value