Javonet 2017 Year Summary


We spent the year 2017 on further updates of Javonet technology. Many new features have been implemented during this time which will result in releasing new version of Javonet in upcoming months. The works on the opposite direction integration capabilities (using anything from Java from .NET) of Javonet are almost finished. The release of this feature is scheduled for the Q1 of 2018.

There are already 1500 companies using Javonet all over the world. The implementations of our technology include external devices or machines communication (i.e. payment devices, tool grinding machines, assembly lines automation, laboratory robotics etc.), .NET UI controls embedding in Java applications and other kinds of integrations both front-end and back-end, where the seamless and most efficient integration is crucial. The benefits of the usage of native integration technology provided by Javonet are reflected in the cost savings of the companies that implement it. Estimate of savings for our recent customers totaled for 48 million dollars, reaching up to $1M per customer.

The pricing model of Javonet has been changed to Component-as-a-Service model. This is the way we have adjusted to the requirements of our customers. In this business model the customers have the ability to scale the licenses payment with the size of their project up and down. There is also a simple entry level license introduced for project or PoCs and more personal usage.

Finally the company has reported a 60% revenue growth compared to the year 2016. This means that we managed to keep the 60% growth rate of 2016 in the subsequent year 2017. That serves us as the prove for the quality of the technology provided as well as a high demand for native integrations among different industries.