Javonet Bridge Has Received a Positive Feedback From Immopac Company

  • Date: 2015/09/22
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We don’t find anything more fulfilling than the positive feedback from the Customers and the developers working directly with Javonet bridge.

David from Immopac shared his opinion on Javonet:

Immopac was in need to access .Net libraries from a Java environment, after some not satisfying tests with web services as a bridge and C# coding we gave a try to Javonet.
The good documentation, and the examples on the website helped us to rapidly achieve the first positive results.
We had some little problems at the beginning that were soon solved by the support team and once the first steps on Javonet worked it was easy to complete the needed tasks.
The good quality of the Javonet software, the good performances, the rapid support and friendly marketing team made us the decision easy to adopt this bridge as our reference for current and future Java to .Net developments.
~David Francescato – Immopac

This is what ecourages us to work even harder on improving the solution and making it even more reliable and aproachable.

Thank you David and Immopac for your kind words! We appreciate that!