New Javonet R&D Investment!


New Javonet R&D investment!

I am glad to announce additional R&D investment. The National Center of Research and Development (NCBIR) has recognized Javonet Technology as one of the most promising IT Technology and allocated 2,6M PLN to boost the further development of the technology!

To remind, Javonet technology has been developed and improved over 8 years to become the best technical bridging solution in the market between .NET and Java. The solution is deployed today in many different usage scenarios across almost all industry sectors and has been identified as the best bridging solution in terms of performance, security, and ease of use. Some of our customers reported they saved up to 1 million of USD by implementing Javonet solution thanks to removing any complex new software development and maintenance, high resources engagement which results in a huge gain of time (in some cases from years to weeks)!

Aware that we are gaining more and more interest from customers including major players and different external investors from all over the world, we decided to move forward with the development by extending and making the Javonet core technology accessible to all platforms systems including Linux, Windows, and MacOS.

The new R&D investment will also include extending the connection between almost all usual programming languages in addition to initial Java and C# like Python, C++ , Javascript, Perl, R, Ruby, Groovy, Swift and GO.

Still based on the Javonet Core Technology, the new R&D investment will include the development of the innovative and unique in the world cloud-based solution allowing to all developers to convert instantly any .NET DLL to JAR and any JAR to .NET DLL by simple drag, drop and download!

All of this investment is part of the strategic development of the product to build an innovative mainstream efficient IT tool, easy to use, and available to all developers to help them in any project requiring integration challenges between different programming languages.

Let’s stay tuned for the next steps!

SdNcenter Sp. z o.o. develops the project funded with the European Union Funds

“The development of the multi-platform technology allowing for the instant integration of the software modules developed in different programming languages based on the Runtime Bridging”

The goal of the project is the development of the unique in the world solution based on Runtime Bridging for the integration of multiple programming languages.
The planned outcome of the project is to offer the product with the unique functionalities and the highest efficiency in the software integration.

Project schedule: 01.06.2020 – 31.05.2022
Project value: 2 596 387,50 PLN
EU funding: 2 031 190,00 PLN