Javonet in Manufacturing


Manufacturing is one of the sectors where Javonet has been already implemented in multiple projects all over the world. There are several scenarios in which, so far Javonet proved to be a perfect fit in the manufacturing industry.

Robotics in manufacturing and laboratory
One of the frequent implementations include the access to physical devices. Manufacturing companies use Javonet in order to communicate seamlessly with the robotic machinery or other devices SDK’s which were developed in the other technology, directly from .NET or Java. This kind of implementations are also done in the laboratory robotics like i.e. liquid handling robotic solutions which may be directly communicated from the other programming language with the native performance.

HMI interfaces in the manufacturing devices
The manufacturing machinery vendors use Javonet in order to open their products to the other platforms and frameworks. Either to allow for the robust integration with external systems or other devices or to implement the solutions from different technologies in their own products (i.e. Javonet has been used for embedding the WPF controls in the Java based HMI dashboards). This allowed the producer of the manufacturing machines to display the information required on the WPF based charts within the Java application.

SCADA solutions for manufacturing management
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition systems are based on gathering multiple data types from various sources (derived mostly from the PLC controller which are responsible for operating the particular devices) in the scope of the production processes in order to deliver the most comprehensive dashboards for the managing teams. The data allows for efficient processes supervision. Javonet can excel here in the Realtime data exchange, so it could be implemented in data transfer processes between the system and PLC controllers or it would be a perfect fit for building the efficient dashboards which would gather the date from other systems developed in the different technologies. Same as with the HMI implementation Javonet could be used to embed any kind of the controls in the SCADA systems’ dashboards for the best data presentation results

For any devices that provide their own SDKs in one or the other technology Javonet allows for the perfect integration with the native performance remained. It is used to easily communicate with i.e. .NET based SDKs directly from Java software. The usage of the .NET based SDK libraries is done just the same way as the usage of the native Java libraries. This comes to making a reference to the desired library in the project and invoking the available methods as if they came from the native file. There is no need of modifying the library that is used or going through any configuration steps.

Javonet is a single file, light integration solution which provides the developers with the possibility of using anything from .NET directly from Java and vice versa. The integration provides the native ultimate performance with no compromises. The solution has proven it’s reliability and robustness in many different projects all over the world in the biggest companies and the most crucial projects. Javonet is the basis of Javonet.io solution which simplifies the .NET and Java integration even more by providing the developers the possibility to simply upload any .NET library and immediately download the fully wrapped, strongly typed and ready to immediate usage Java .jar package. The package can be simply referenced in the Java project and it will work!