One of the world leading automotive companies uses the Impala Java based JDBC driver directly from .NET application.


One of the world leading automotive companies utilizes Javonet in their project which assumes connecting to Cloudera cluster directly from .NET using the Java JDBC Impala driver. Only by using the Javonet native integration technology it was possible to achieve the same performance and reliability of the data exchange between the Cloudera cluster and the .NET application as if it was the Java environment only.

The very performant connection allows for fulfilling the project requirements which include retrieving over 561 000 000 values from the database. Achieving 0,00006s for a single row. Although different alternatives were also tested in this scenario only Javonet was fulfilling very strict and demanding requirements of the task to be accomplished.

We are proud to support this project with our Javonet the world-wide leader native integration technology between Java and .NET that provides the unique advantage over web services guaranteeing highest performance (1000x faster than web services), maximum reliability and security.

Thanks to usage of Javonet companies can access any .NET, C++/COM or Java modules in .NET or Java technology ‘as they are’ with no changes to the source code and utilize them within single operating system process.