Where do Javonet users come from?


Javonet is today recognized as the worldwide leading native integration technology. Many customers including major players within different sector industries use and trust our technology especially to integrate their Java, .NET or C++/COM systems with other .NET or Java based front-end or back end modules internally or at customer site. Any APIs, Client Libraries, SDKs or UI controls can be easily exposed for the opposite technology and systems preserving single codebase, highest performance (1000x faster than web services), reliability and security.

Financially speaking, our software reduced our customers’ integration development costs by up to 90% and more, significantly shortening the time to market of their products.

Critical use cases for Javonet spread across all internal integrations between .NET and Java, creating Java or .NET drivers for physical and medical devices re-using existing codebase, doubling the market capacity of UI and backend components vendors allowing to offer existing .NET/COM or Java based products to opposit technology developers and exposing client libraries and SDKs for these two platforms.

We are proud that Javonet is used all over the world and become more and more popular among the developers. Our goal is to spread this new breakthrough concept and make aware the developers about this new opportunity that today it is definitely possible to connect instantly and easily .NET with Java with native performance thanks to Javonet.