Control robotic arms, IoT devices or any other with Javonet!


One of the most common usages of Javonet technology is bound to controlling and communicating the external devices which offer the SDKs and drivers in the technology opposite to the one the software that operates them is developed in.

Javonet native integration between Java and .NET has been successfully implemented in the laboratories for the automated robotic liquid handling, where the Java based application communicated the .NET SDK based robotic arm to operate it. It was possible to easily call any methods from the .NET library, without any need of modifying it directly from Java just as if we would work with the native Java library. This allowed the Robot Whisperer to achieve efficient and quick communication with the robotic arm for their systems.

The similar scenario may as well be accomplished in the field of any production automation like car manufacturing or airplane building processes as well as in the manufacturing machines like i.e. tools grinding machinery.

Javonet can be implemented to communicate the other types of external devices too. Among others our native integration between .NET and Java technology has been successfully implemented in the projects where the external .NET based card readers (AnywhereCommerce) where communicated directly from the Java Applets on the mobile POS systems or the external Java based driver printers were used directly from .NET code with the native performance and ease of use.

The reliability and stability of Javonet allows for successful implementations in the crucial projects like the data exchange with the drilling sensors on the oils rigs where the data from .NET based sensors SDKs has been sent in the real time to the Java application or the communication with the quality check mobile devices used on the assembly lines. Javonet was also implemented in the scenario where the application developed in .NET technology communicated with the external Java based medical devices used to support the respiration of the patients who return from hospitals to home environments. Which proves the trust of the customers the Javonet gained as well as the verified performance of our technology.

The integration between Java and .NET with Javonet will not require any additional configuration or proxy classes generation. The usage of any method from external library will require generally as little effort as calling the methods from the native library. Javonet will guarantee the native performance allowing for the 250 000 calls per second and significantly exceeding any other integration solution like i.e. web services.