Installing Javonet


Before using Javonet, make sure you have following pre-requisites installed:
JDK 1.6 or newer

For use with .NET Framework 3.5 (supports .NET 3.5 DLLs)

Visual C++ Runtime 2008
.NET Framework 3.5

For use with .NET Framework 4.0 (supports .NET 4.0 and 3.5 DLLs)

Visual C++ Runtime 2010
.NET Framework 4.0

For use with .NET Framework 4.5 (supports .NET 4.5, 4.0 and 3.5 DLLs)

Visual C++ Runtime 2013
.NET Framework 4.5

Adding Javonet Reference to your project

As Javonet is single file solution, all you need to start using it is to download the latest Javonet package and add a reference to this file in your project. If any of pre-requisites will be missing Javonet will detect them automatically and display in exception message the URLs for download of required dependencies.