Invocation context from .NET DLL in C++

Calling any method on Runtime Context creates new instance of Invocation Context.

// use Activate only once in your app

// create called runtime context
auto calledRuntime = Javonet::InMemory()->Netcore();

// construct an invocation context - this invocationContext in non-materialized 
auto invocationContext = calledRuntime->GetType("System.Math")->InvokeStaticMethod("Abs", -50);

// execute invocation context - this will materialize the invocationContext
auto response = invocationContext->Execute();

Navigation through the methods on different variations of Invocation Context allows to construct the chain of invocations. Those chains of invocation represent the non-materialized expression of interaction with libraries, types, and any programming entities in target technology.

In order to materialize expression, a call to called technology needs to be invoked with Execute method