About Javonet

Javonet enables software developers to instantly integrate several programming languages. Javonet is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems as a downloadable package for supported programming languages. This article lists getting started sections for supported technologies.

Javonet allows you to reference and use modules or packages written in (Java/Kotlin/Groovy/Clojure, C#/VB.NET, Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript) like they were created in your technology, regardless of language in which you create your application.

It allows to load and use foreign technology modules, interact with any public methods, fields, events or other elements of public API and retrieve the value type results or interact with reference type objects. Javonet allows both to mix different technologies modules within single application in-memory loading different runtimes in single operating system process as well as delegating specific runtime to remote nodes and invoke foreign technology module remotely from other container or microservice. Ultimately Javonet allows to achieve the integration between different public methods on separate nodes without the need to implement integration layer like web services.

To use the guides both interacting technologies needs to be selected from left-side dropdown lists. Developer's technology is named "I code in" and technology to be called is named "I want to use".

Getting started

Javonet is available as a package which can be downloaded from public repository appropriate for developer's language or from My Javonet Portal. Detailed instructions are presented in the following sections:

Getting started for .NET developers

Getting started for Java developers

Getting started for Perl developers

Getting started for Python developers

Getting started for Ruby developers

Getting started for Nodejs developers

Getting started for C++ developers++

Getting started for Golang developers