Activating Javonet in Perl

Javonet enables software developers to instantly integrate several programming languages. Javonet is available for Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems as a downloadable package for supported programming languages. This article lists getting started sections for supported technologies.

Javonet allows you to reference and use modules or packages written in (Java/Kotlin/Groovy/Clojure, C#/VB.NET, Ruby, Perl, Python, JavaScript/TypeScript) like they were created in your technology.

Get activation key

Activation key is available on main dashboard of My Javonet Portal.
Use register or log in on My Javonet Portal to get license key, which is necessary to activate Javonet.

Activating Javonet in your application

Javonet needs to be activated first. Activation must be called only once at the start-up of an application. During the first activation, license server are called and a javonet.lic file is generated.

my $result = Javonet->activate(ActivationCredentials::YOUR_LICENSE_KEY);

During the first activation, Javonet contacts our servers and generates a javonet.lic file in your application directory. All subsequent calls simply verify this file.