Get/Set Values for Static Fields and Properties

Get/Set Values for Static Fields and Properties

With javOnet you can easily get or set a value for any static field or property on a .NET class or structure by calling the “get(fieldOrPropertyName)” or “set(fieldOrPropertyName, newValue)” method on reference to .NET type. Conversely, .NET instance types can be stored in Java variables using the dedicated Java type called NType.

As with the methods, value-typed results are automatically translated into Java types and reference results are returned as NObject objects.


	NType dateTimeClass = Javonet.getType("DateTime");

	NObject nowDateObj= dateTimeClass.get("Now");

	String currentDateString = nowDateObj.invoke("ToString");

In this example we retrieve the value of the static Now field on .NET DateTime class, and store it in the NObject variable named nowDateObj. We then use this object to call ToString method.

Similarly, you can call set on any .NET static field or property:

//Your .NET class
	public class JavonetSample
		public static int MyStaticField { get; set; }
//Usage in Java
	NType sampleType = Javonet.getType("JavonetSample");
	sampleType.set("MyStaticField", 10);
	Integer val = sampleType.get("MyStaticField");

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